Dr. Shufflebarger operated (spinal fusion) on my daughter 14 years ago and she is doing great. He is the expert in this field.

Dr. Shuffelbarger is the best. If your child has any type of back or spine problems don’t let anyone besides Dr. Shufflebarger treat your child.

The best doctor that I have known, very generous with patients. Dr. Shufflebarger operated my son.

My daughter developed Scoliosis, after a year of follow up appointments, we decided to undergo surgery. My daughter was perfect at day 10, and from then on everything has been perfect. Now she has almost

Excellent professional, full of experience. Dr. Shufflebarger corrected scoliosis of 46 degrees for my daughter. She’s better than expected, she is perfectly recovered. An impeccable job by both Dr. Shufflebarger and his entire team. Thank

At age 13, this doctor performed surgery on me. I have done everything I wanted to in life so far. Full mobility, 30 degree lean, and grew 1 1/2″ over a matter of hours. Two