Understanding your billing and insurance costs is important. If you have questions or need assistance call our office (561) 844-5255 or submit a question online. We’re here to help.

Do you accept my insurance?

The bones, or “vertebra” in a scoliotic spine are wedge shaped, tall on one side and short on the other. When the vertebrae are pulled by the cord, it puts pressure on the tall side of the vertebrae on the outside of the curve. This pressure slows the growth on the tall side of the vertebrae, so that the short side can grow and catch up. After surgery, the spine may continue to straighten even more over time as you grow.

If I am in-network are all services considered in-network?

No. While your insurance may consider the Dr. Shufflebarger to be in-network, not all services may be considered in-network. Oftentimes insurance companies have negotiated contracts with particular providers to provide laboratory, x-ray, physical therapy, and other services. Your insurance company may not cover x-rays, laboratory services, physical therapy, etc. provided by the Paley Institute and St. Mary’s Medical Center. If your insurance does not cover these services, ask your provider for a prescription for the x-rays. You will need to bring these x-rays with you to your appointment.

Which payments are due at the time of my clinic visit?

All copayments and coinsurances are due before we provide service. The amount we collect at the time of your visit is an estimate. If you require additional services, the total charges may differ from what we originally estimated. After insurance pays their portion, you are responsible for any balance due.

What types of bills could I receive after surgery?

The bill you receive may contain multiple itemized bills, including inpatient, physician services, medical equipment, anesthesiologist, radiologist, and hospitalist. If you have any questions about understanding your bill, please contact our office (561) 844-5255.